Untitled Goose Game And A Short Hike Have Been Nominated For The IGF Award

Untitled Goose Game And A Short Hike Have Been Nominated For The IGF Award
Credit: Giant Bomb via YouTube

Game awards are naturally fun to tune into. You get to see what the community as a whole thinks about various titles that made an impact that year. We’ve already witnessed The Game Awards, which was a pretty successful event all around. Now, it’s almost time for the IGF (Independent Games Festival) Awards. This ceremony is dedicated to independent games that may not have had the same backing as major AAA titles, such as The Outer Worlds and Control.

The list of nominees was just revealed and it comes as no surprise that both Untitled Goose Game and A Short Hike are on it. These games captured the essence of fun and even though they don’t featured advanced gameplay, they still shined bright this year. Every now and then, it’s fresh to play something completely out of left field and these titles certainly fit that description perfectly.

Untitled Goose Game is a hilariously joyous time in that you get to go around a small town causing havoc on its townspeople. It sounds a little devious, but in actual practice, it brings about so many comedic experiences. You can do a lot of things in this game, from taking keys away from store owners to sneaking a newspaper away from someone in the park.

Since there are numerous ways you can approach citizens, the game never gets dull. There is always a mischievous plan you can craft up on unsuspecting people in this cute little town. Untitled Goose Game has done so well, in fact, that it has already gone on to achieve one million dollars in sales.

A Short Hike is just as unique and fun. It’s more of a platforming experience where you’ll have the chance to fly, hike, and climb through the beautifully designed Hawk Peak Provincial Park. The graphics are full of personality in that there are rich colors and have sort of an animated feel to them. The developer — adamgryu — has given you the ability to follow the trails laid out or explore wherever you want to go. Whatever path you take, you’re in store for some memorable action.

It’s great to see both of these games receive as much recognition as they have. It will be a tight race and there can only be one winner, but the developers behind both have a lot to be proud of regardless of what happens. The independent gaming scene has never been stronger.