Publisher Iam8bit Resigns From Creative Director Position Of E3 2020

Publisher Iam8bit Resigns From Creative Director Position Of E3 2020
Credit: ESA

Gaming publisher company iam8bit has resigned from their role as the Creative Directors of E3 2020. As of now, there is no word on who will be taking their position.

The publisher took to Twitter to announce their resignation from the integral role for the swiftly-approaching E3 2020. Their primary work was centered on the E3 2020 floor experience, focused on the theatrical and flashy show that E3 has become well-known for.

“It’s with mixed emotions that @iam8bit has decided to resign as Creative Directors of what was to be an evolutionary #E32020 floor experience,” the directors announced in their tweet, which we’ve placed below. “We’ve produced hundreds of gaming + community events and it was a dream to be involved with E3. We wish the organizers the best of luck.”

There’s currently no telling why the team resigned from their position, or if there was any sort of outer pressures. Given that they refer to the decisions as one made with “mixed emotions,” there’s a decent chance that they were pushed towards this position in one way or another. Whether there were heavy disagreements between them and the rest of the E3 2020 team or if there was an issue with funding, we may never know.

iam8bit is known for their impact on the gaming and general “nerddom” communities since their founding in 2005. Based out of Los Angeles, California, the production company has had their hands in video games, film. music, comics, and fashion. Over the last decade or so, the team has held events based around Alita: Battle Angel, Tron Evolution, Marvel VS Capcom, Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, and more.

Point is, the team has a great deal of experience in production and publication, so there’s a good chance they weren’t just in over their head. While we likely won’t ever discover what issues arose between them and the rest of the E3 2020 team, one could safely assume that the teams just weren’t meshing properly.

E3 also isn’t a surefire thing at this point. We spoke recently on E3’s organizers insisting that the convention was still raring to go despite the Coronavirus scares, but there have been companies pulling out of all sorts of events. It may end up out of E3’s hands if more and more gaming companies decide that E3 isn’t worth the risk, or if the cancelation ends up out of their hands regardless. We’ve already seen conventions, esports events, and the like be impacted by the spread of the virus, so who knows? Maybe iam8bit has resigned from a position that wouldn’t have gotten to see their work come to fruition regardless.