Joel And Ellie From The Last of Us Are Reimagined For The HBO TV Series As Chris Evans And Mckenna Grace In Stunning Fan Art Poster

Joel And Ellie From The Last of Us Are Reimagined For The HBO TV Series As Chris Evans And Mckenna Grace In Stunning Fan Art Poster
Credit: BossLogic

The Last of Us is coming to HBO. We don’t know when it’s happening, nor do we know who will be playing our heroes Joel and Ellie.

All we know is that Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann, who headed up both The Last of Us and the upcoming The Last of Us Part II, will be one of the minds behind it, along with Chernobyl’s Craig Mazin.

Fans have been fantasy casting Joel and Ellie, with most of the internet crying out for Wolverine star Hugh Jackman to step into Joel’s old work boots when this franchise comes to life on the small screen.

However, the digital artist BossLogic had another take. He recently edited a poster for the movie Gifted to make it look like promotional material for HBO’s The Last of Us series.

In the image, which can be viewed below, you can see the film’s stars, Chris Evans and Mckenna Grace reimagined as Joel and Ellie.

BossLogic amazingly captures the feel and spirit of the original 2013 smash hit PlayStation exclusive. Captain America star Chris Evans makes a stunning version of Joel, with Mckenna Grace seeming to unknowingly capture the spirit of Ellie in her eyes.

This was not the first time that BossLogic has lent his talents to The Last of Us universe. He had previously released fan art depicting Hugh Jackman and Dafne Keen from The X-Men film Logan as Joel and Ellie.

The Last of Us was developed by Naughty Dog Entertainment and published by Sony as an exclusive for the PlayStation 3. The game proved so popular that it was remastered for a release on the PlayStation 4.

The story takes place in a post apocalyptic United States, where the population has been decimated by a fungal infection that turns human beings into cannibalistic zombie-like monsters. The game did an amazing job at making you feel as though you were truly living in a world where bullets were scarce, rare materials were precious, and betrayal lurked around every corker.

The story was masterful and the gameplay was addictive. It’s no shock that this game merited a sequel, The Last of Us Part II, which is headed to PlayStation 4 consoles this May. Though not confirmed, it is being released close enough to the holiday 2020 drop of the PlayStation 5 that we might very well see a remastered version of The Last of Us Part II release for the next generation console.

The Last of Us Part II releases on May 29, exclusively for the PlayStation 4.