Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remaster Reportedly Releasing Later This Year

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remaster Reportedly Releasing Later This Year
Credit: Activision

Even though there’s been no official announcement regarding a new Call of Duty game coming later this year, Activision will likely reveal what the next installment in the popular first-person shooter franchise will be in the coming months.

According to Twitter user Okami, the next Call of Duty game will be a remaster, as Activision is reportedly going to release a current-generation version of Modern Warfare 2 later this year. Of course, MW2 originally launched back in November of 2009, and it’s widely considered to be one of the best games in franchise history.

We’ve been hearing about a potential Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 remaster since back in 2018, but the rumors have always suggested that the game will only feature a single-player campaign. But, according to Okami, it’ll also include multiplayer.

Also according to Okami, Call of Duty: Warzone, which is the Battle Royale expansion for Modern Warfare, will be released on Tuesday, March 10, which is hardly breaking news, as the date has been known for several weeks. He also said that there will be a trailer for it on Monday, so expect to see the mode be officially confirmed by Infinity Ward and Activision soon.

The Twitter user also claimed that Call of Duty: Warzone will be free to play, like Apex Legends and Fortnite, it’ll be a separate client, meaning that you don’t have to own Modern Warfare to play it and that it’ll be squads only.

Given that almost every other leak regarding Call of Duty: Warzone suggests that it’ll launch on March 10, it’s pretty safe to assume that the free to play Battle Royale expansion for Modern Warfare will finally be available on Tuesday and that it’ll be officially revealed on Monday.

Of course, as of this writing, Activision and Infinity Ward have opted to remain silent about Warzone amidst all the leaks, but they have been hitting some of the leakers with copyright strikes, which gives credence to those who are sharing what’s being presented as inside information.

The only news that is coming via Okami’s leak is that Warzone will be squads only, thus branching off from traditional Battle Royale titles that allow players to jump in solo. So, on Monday, we’ll see if that ends up being the case.

While it seems likely that Call of Duty: Warzone will be revealed on Monday, it’s still unclear when Activision will officially reveal the Modern Warfare 2 remaster, but it’s realistic to assume that, regardless of when it’s announced, it’ll be released in either October or November.