Pecaminosa Is A Unique Noir Adventure Set to Release Next Year

Pecaminosa Is A Unique Noir Adventure Set to Release Next Year
Credit: Pecaminosa

Pecaminosa is a unique noir title that comes from Cereal Games and Badland Publishing. The title expects to launch on all major platforms for fans on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam. As of now, the game has reached it funding goal, and soon players will take to the streets as a rundown detective.

As with any noir setting this game has an aura of mystery around it. Enter the unique and fictitious streets of Pecaminosa as you take on the role of detective John Souza. This is a city filled with corruption and debauchery where the scum of the earth are thriving and the honest man is under the weather.

Pecaminosaplans to launch in the first quarter of 2021. This title will allow players to explore ghost of their past, in a unique setting. After losing your job and become a drunk, a fallen mob boss appears in the city and propositions you for help. Capture his former associates so that he can make it into heaven.

So, being the drunken detective you are, you said why not. Explore a city of the 1940s as you enjoy vintage jazz and noir classic imagery. This thrilling adventure will take players into a land that transcends heaven and hell, an earth city.

Explore with different playstyles as you enjoy the unique “LIFE” system. This allows players a way to customize the main hero fo the title with a variety of unique weapons and apparel. It also allows players to enter casinos and enjoy a slew of gambling minigames.

This title is designed to be a unique mix between Legend of Zelda and the imaginary of Orson Welles. Enjoy the blend of styles and themes that result in a unique world with a rather unique problem.

The team behind this title has tons of unique perspectives that blend the games mechanics in with its rather odd drama. Enjoy the ambiance of a noir film while the action is stylized more like an adventure game.

So prepare for a journey into a noir world where heaven and earth collide in a unique city. This title presents hours of entertainment as Souza determines his level of vigilante versus true American justice. Fight for your soul, help the condemed, and become a true detective of this gritty and dark crime loving city.

Pecaminosa is planning to launch during the first quarter of 2021 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Steam.