Players Can Get A Number Of Free Pokemon By Playing Pokemon Sword And Shield

Players Can Get A Number Of Free Pokemon By Playing Pokemon Sword And Shield
Credit: Pokemon via YouTube

Exclusive content is not a new concept in the gaming world.

Most retailers feature some kind of pre-order bonus in order to entice players to make a purchase from their locations. Pokemon Sword and Shield are just two more games in a long line to feature some exclusive retailer content. However, the game goes beyond that, offering some rare Gigantamax Pokemon to players who have stuck with the franchise on the Nintendo Switch and played these new games in the first few months following their release.

The exclusive retailer content comes out of Walmart. Anyone who purchases either game from Walmart before November 25 can receive a free tracksuit outfit for their Pokemon Trainer.

Players are also able to get a Gigantamax Meowth, from now until January 15, 2020. What’s interesting about this acquisition is that it is not tied to a specific retailer. Rather, it is The Pokemon Company rewarding players who purchased and played the game early.

Gigantamax Pokemon have the ability to undergo a massive transformation in which they take on gargantuan size and strength. Players can gain access to this massive Meowth by using the Mystery Gift function in the game menu screen.

Simply select Mystery Gift and then choose an option to get the gift via the internet. After a series of prompts, you will be connected to an online store. You can then download your exclusive Gigantamax capable Meowth. It will be waiting for you in the Pokemon Center in one of your boxes.

Meowth is not the only Gigantamax Pokemon that is up for grabs. Players can also pick up a Gigantamax capable Pikachu and Eevee. However, there are some limitations placed on this offer. In order to receive these Pokemon, players will need to have save data on their Switch console from the games Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu or Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee.

If you have either of these save files on your console, go to the Wild Area Station to claim your prize. It should be noted that neither of these Pokemon can evolve. However, these are the only Pikachu and Eevee variants in the game that are capable of undergoing a Gigantamax transformation.

The first Gigantamax Pokemon that players will be able to capture during a special event will be Butterfree.

Pokemon Sword and Shield released on the Nintendo Switch console on November 15. It has been receiving praise online as a balanced Pokemon game that is a worthy addition to the long-running franchise.