Minecraft Marketplace Explored: Rockett Adventures 1, A Different Way To Experience Dinosaurs In Minecraft

Minecraft Marketplace Explored: Rockett Adventures 1, A Different Way To Experience Dinosaurs In Minecraft
Credit: LifeBoat Via Minecraft Marketplace

The Minecraft Marketplace features a variety of different items that can change how Minecraft plays; in total, Minecraft’s active monthly players increased from 126 million active players to close to 132 million active monthly players, which led to a significant increase in Marketplace items being created.

The team at Mojang Studios has released a variety of DLCs through the included Marketplace. Mojang Studios released the Jurassic Park DLC for 1,340 Minecoins. This DLC features the ability to run along with dinosaurs and see Blue the velociraptor in a whole new way.

If the Minecraft players want to experience Dinosaurs in Minecraft but don’t have any Minecoins to get the official Jurassic Park DLC. The Rockett Adventures 1 was created by LifeBoat, also features dinosaurs, and comes with two different skins.

In this story, the player can play as either Jake or Nora in a totally new story when compared to the standard Minecraft experience.

The story for the Rockett family starts as the Rockett family’s time machine explodes, accidentally bringing dinosaurs to the current time. This means that Nora or Jake will need to put the Time machine back together and get all the dinosaurs back into their correct time.

Players can equip either the Jake or Nora Rockett skin, which will put them in the story directly and make players feel much more immersed in the story.

This Rockett Adventures 1 Marketplace item features a total of six different rideable adventures and has a fully-voiced adventure that has been created by LifeBoat. For non-English Minecraft players they can play in either English, German, Spanish, and even more.

This is substantially different from other voiced Marketplace Items that are primarily focused on a single language, primarily being just English.

Riding around on a variety of different dinosaurs are is a great addition to the world of Minecraft. Some dinosaurs that have been released from the Time machine include T-Rexes, Velociraptors, Brachiosurueses, and more.

This Minecraft Marketplace item is completely free, meaning any Minecrafter can download and enjoy this fantastic Marketplace item. Another feature that LifeBoat states on this Marketplace Item is that LifeBoat plans to develop and release more episodes for this storyline, meaning players can potentially experience more than just dinosaurs just all thanks to the Rockett’s Time Machine.