Medal Of Honor: Above And Beyond Is Set To Release On December 11th

Medal Of Honor: Above And Beyond Is Set To Release On December 11th
Credit: MKIceAndFire via YouTube

When you think of historic first-person shooters, the Medal of Honor series has a special place in the hearts of many gamers. This series pretty much put this genre on the map back in the late 90s, when video games were just starting to become widespread across the globe.

The first game debuted in 1999 and the series would go on to see many subsequent installments. The last one was Medal of Honor: Warfighter, which released in 2012. It seemed like this series was all but living and with no signs of life from any developer.

That is until a VR titled by the name of Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond was teased last year for the Oculus Rift. The prospect of playing such an iconic shooter with better graphics and immersive experiences got many excited about the series’ return.

Then just recently, it was revealed that this VR shooter would be releasing on December 11th. Not only that, but it’s also coming to the Steam platform with VR support. If you’re a PC gamer and visit this platform quite frequently, that’s great news.

More gamers will get to see just how the series has progressed. The introduction of VR should elevate things as so often is the case for first-person shooters that get VR support. These games give you the chance to experience epic battles like you’re there in person.

Interested fans have already seen a little bit of the game’s VR designs and gameplay. A Medal of Honor VR game on paper sounds like a worthy purchase and gameplay sequences that have surfaced reaffirm this notion. Players will be able to go back in history and check out some iconic battle scenes, such as the Normandy landings.

You can bet these action-packed scenes will get your adrenaline pumping as you seek to find shelter and rattle off some rounds of your own. It also looks like you’ll be able to perform a lot of cool actions in Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, such as load cannons, man some incredible artillery, and use stealth to find out about enemy plans.

It has been so long since this series thrived so it’s good to see it coming back, even if it’s a VR title. That could be the novelty it needs for developers to bring back this once beloved shooter franchise. It’s still a little early, but things are certainly looking up for the Medal of Honor franchise.