OWL – All-Star 2020 Will Hold Asia And North America Division, Features Widowmaker 1v1, Talent Takedown, And More

OWL – All-Star 2020 Will Hold Asia And North America Division, Features Widowmaker 1v1, Talent Takedown, And More
Credit: Overwatch League

The third season of the Overwatch League has its ups and downs, but here we are at the dusk of its postseason. To thank their fans for tuning into its matches, the league will hold its annual All-Star event in two separate proceedings: one for North America and another for Asia. The showcase will have its All-Star Game, a Widowmaker 1v1, last year’s Talent Takedown, and an abundance of other game modes. The extravagance starts on September 26.

The NA roster will feature 20 fan-favorite players, while Asia will have its own 24. The regions are not separated based on the teams’ locations but rather on the players’ origins. Asia will be coached by Guangzhou Charge’s Hyo-Jin “J1n” Cho and Shanghai Dragons’ Moon “Moon” Byung-Chul. Familiar faces such as the 2020 MVP Fleta, Mano, Choihyobin, and Carpe will join the festivities.

The NA will be coached Philadelphia Fusion’s Dong-Gun “KDG” Kim and Florida Mayhem’s Dae-Kuk “KuKi” Kim. Though not all the players come from North America, it mostly caters to those that come from the Western part of the world. Players will include SoOn, Agilities, Poko, and Super.

Coming into the build for this season’s grand finals, the All-Star event will be a breather for the players and fans just before the closing on October 8 through 10. Fans voted the participating players, though Blizzard adjusted the lineup to ensure all teams have at least one representative.

Both regions will hold the All-Star Game, Talent Takedown, and a Widowmaker 1v1 competition. However, the Asian leg will have specific hero challenges, namely the Winston Skill Challenge, Genji, Ana, and a Who is Meta? Challenge.

This year’s 6v6 match adds a little bit of twist for fans’ excitement. The first map will be in a standard format, but in the second one, the opponent will pick the other’s hero picks. In the spirit of sportsmanship, they are expected to make the composition work, though the players don’t have to stick to them if it comes down to the wire during the latter part of the matches.

The third map will be even more whimsical, too. To be held in a Control map, players will be shrunk down in size when they start the match. Called the Tiny Overwatch Workshop mode, Blizzard explains, “all players start off with tiny character models, but begin to grow in size as they do damage and healing.”

The tournament will award over $200,000 in prize money to winners. Blizzard also announced this year’s All-Star skins with the Celestial D.Va and the Gaia Reinhardt. Fans can acquire these time-limited skins through the League Tokens.