PQube Games Announces Zengeon Console Launch Delayed Until 2021

PQube Games Announces Zengeon Console Launch Delayed Until 2021
Credit: PQube via Twitter

Publisher PQube has announced the console launch of Zengeon will be delayed until sometime in 2021. Zengeon was initially scheduled to launch on consoles on September 25. The reason for the delay was not mentioned.

Published by 2P Games and developed by IndieLeague Studio, Zengeon was initially released in June 2019 on Steam. The game is an anime-infused action RPG with Roguelite elements. Players select one of the multiple characters with unique skills to slice through hordes of demons. The game had an overall “Mostly Positive” average from over one thousand reviews.

Zengeon stars the students of the Celestial Academy. These students have trained to protect a seal within the Blessed Land to keep the Dark Emptiness at bay. During the Lunar Eclipse, a being with tremendous power broke through the seal. Now the Demon God has made his return, and it’s up to the students to stop it.

Players can choose from one of six playable characters. Each character has a unique skillset, attacks, and enemies. The students all share the same goal of repairing the seal of the Blessed land and repelling the Demon God and his minions.

The game contains Roguelite elements since every playthrough is different. The stags layouts change each time, including item pick-ups and enemy locations. The gameplay offers a challenging experience, but certain items picked up during gameplay will remain throughout each playthrough. The game has high replay value because there are many ways to play, and the experience changes each time.

PQube is in charge of publishing the console ports on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch. The console version includes online features, so up to four players can join at one time.

From the Steam version of the game, there is no additional paid story DLC. The only additional DLC is for the “Grab Your Summer Memory” swimwear costumes, which are all listed as free. It’s unknown if these will be included with the console version of the game at launch.

PQube has mentioned that the game needs extra development time across consoles, but it’s unknown what further work needs to be done. Players who want to jump into the game can play it immediately on PC. The PC version of the game does not include the four-player online co-op that was mentioned in the console launch announcement trailer.

Zengeon is now scheduled to launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch sometime in 2021.