Action RPG Zengeon Launches Digitally And With A Limited Physical Version For The Nintendo Switch On September 25

Action RPG Zengeon Launches Digitally And With A Limited Physical Version For The Nintendo Switch On September 25
Credit: Zengeon via Steam

Publisher 2P Games and developer IndieLeague Studio have announced a release date for one of the console ports of their action RPG Zengeon. The game is currently available on PC, but a console port was previously announced.

Zengeon will soon land on the Nintendo Switch in September, but the Xbox One and PlayStation release dates are still pending. The date for Xbox One and PS4 state “2020” but no date has been set, unlike the Nintendo Switch version. The Switch version has also been announced to have a digital download and physical version.

The Limited Version of the game will be published by PQube. The physical edition will come with the game in a case plus four exclusive art cards. Players can pre-order the physical edition now.

Zengeon is an anime-inspired action RPG with Roguelite elements. Players can choose from a variety of unique characters who all have unique gameplay styles. The game is playable solo or with up to three friends.

In Zengeon, the Celestial Academy has protected a seal for centuries. This seal within the Blessed Land has ensured the Dark Emptiness has been kept away so everyone can live in peace. During a Lunar Eclipse, the seal’s enchantments were broken. The Dark Emptiness has been unleased and now the Demon God has returned.

It’s up to the students of the Academy to fight back against the Dark Empiness and repair the broken seal. Each battle into the land has unique stage layouts, enemy placements, and items.

As a Roguelite, this game has no saves, no checkpoints, and permadeath. If a player is defeated, they lose their items unless they’re unique story items. These items will remain on the player, even if they’re defeated once again. Players also have to upgrade their existing weapons and don’t gain new ones.

Since June, the developer has been featuring each of the playable characters. The first to be featured is the duel-wielding swordman Ziyu Yuan. He swings and slashes at enemies within close range. While powerful, his cooldown periods are the longest amongst the characters, which puts him at higher risk of attack.

The game’s Steam page lists five cosmetic DLC for swimwear costumes, but they’re all provided at no cost.

Zengeon launches on the Nintendo Switch on September 25. The PC via Steam version is available now.