Rescue A Kitty From Diabolical Robots In The Colorful Game Super Crush KO, Coming Out For Nintendo Switch And PC

Rescue A Kitty From Diabolical Robots In The Colorful Game Super Crush KO, Coming Out For Nintendo Switch And PC
Credit: Vertex Pop via YouTube

A unique platform-brawler is on its way to the Nintendo Switch and Steam next month. Super Crush KO delivers fast-paced action with a pixel art that isn’t seen much in this genre.

Here is the announcement trailer for Super Crush KO:

The most gripping element of this platformer is the aesthetic nature of it. The developers, Vertex Pop, has chosen to use a vibrant color palette to design the world that the protagonist must fight through.

The soundtrack matches the neon visuals of Super Crush KO, and players will bump to the beat while jabbing, hooking, and destroying enemies.

The plotline is quite simple in this game. The baddies have stolen a girl’s kitty, and she will stop at nothing to get her adorable furball back. However, the gamer, who is playing the girl, will be thrust into an adventure that involves battling robots that are products of an AI take-over.

The gameplay in the trailer shows off elements that are well-known to arcade-style fighting-platformer gamers. The hero uses combat attacks and an assortment of methods to punish her enemies, like guns, powerful ground attacks, and her fists.

Super Crush KO takes place in a city with a vast, colorful skyline used as the backdrop for different levels. All in all, there are over 20 levels for players to challenge themselves with, and the better they get, the higher they will climb the leaderboards.

Players must do all that they can to retrieve the kitty as well as save humankind from the AI apocalypse.

This adventure is only a single-player game, and when the gamer downloads it onto their Nintendo Switch, it will take up a modest 384 MB.

Super Crush KO has been in the works for a while now. If gamers notice, the announcement trailer came out in August of 2018, and it will finally come out on January 16th, 2020. The Switch will version costs $14.99 right in the Nintendo eShop, and when it comes out, players will be able to enjoy it via TV mode, Tabletop mode, and Handheld mode.

If non-Switch gamers are wanting to try their hand with Super Crush KO, they can get it on Steam, which launches the game on the same day!

Super Crush KO looks to offer gamers a different kind of platformer experience with its unique aesthetic and leaderboard system that will keep players coming back for more!