Esports Organization Complexity Gaming Signs Exclusive Streaming Partnership With Twitch

Esports Organization Complexity Gaming Signs Exclusive Streaming Partnership With Twitch
Credit: Limit Guild

Well-known eSports team Complexity Gaming signs renewing the contract with Twitch to stream its content exclusively. The agreement is agreed upon by teams of its participating titles as well as its players.

Most organizations, including Complexity, have their own streamers to flag their name, as well. Familiar names such as Electra, aa9skillz, and FunFPS, are all included in the said agreement with Twitch. Both parties have not revealed the deal’s length, terms, or monetary involvement, if any.

Complexity’s Chief Operating Officer, Kyle “Beef” Bautista, praised its community for this partnership. “The longevity of our partnership with Twitch showcases not only the value that Complexity, its players, and streamers have brought to the platform over the years but also the relevance and importance of our fans on the platform.”

Complexity has been around the eSports scene since its foundation in 2003. It has since ventured through various titles, including Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveDota 2, Hearthstone, and, recently announced, VALORANT, among others. The deal locks all the organization’s players to stream on the Amazon-owned platform. These include CS: GO’s Rush, Obo, Fortnite‘s Upshall, Hearthstone‘s Casie, and Sottle, to name a few.

During World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth‘s last raid tier, the organization acquired a guild called Limit to represent them. Though the team has always been competitive in the World’s First Race, the infamous team Method has always been the fan-favorite to win the Mythic difficult’s end-boss kill. For BfA‘s last raiding tier, however, Limit secured WF’s N’Zoth kill with the help of Complexity, of course.

The expansion’s last race brought WoW its highest viewership for the year, as fans cheer for the underdog to beat the Goliath that was Method.

Coming into Shadowlands, the deal also confirms that the race will be streamed on Twitch. The raiding scene can last for weeks, or even months, with various players’ perspectives, also broadcasting to its fans.

On the same subject, tragedy has fallen over Method and has left World of Warcraft altogether. With an empty throne to be filled, all eyes will be on Complexity Limit’s players for guidance in the game’s upcoming expansion. Players will be tuning in to known personalities of the mmorpg for Covenant choices of their classes, dungeon runs, and the renewed PvP section of the game.

The eSport team is currently participating in the ESL Pro League of CS: GO, where, just today, it beat the number one ranked Team Vitality.