Kingshunt Is An Upcoming Third-Person Hack-And-Slasher Set For PC In 2021

Kingshunt Is An Upcoming Third-Person Hack-And-Slasher Set For PC In 2021
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Earlier in the day, a third-person hack-and-slash game was teased called Kingshunt. Impressions thus far are pretty positive overall. It incorporates a lot of unique elements like tower defense and strategy.

In the trailer, we see a couple of different hero classes. Each one possesses a distinct set of special abilities that look particularly vibrant. The combat sequences show a lot of action happening all at once. For example, just as a group of enemies collect in an area, a hero unloads a seismic blast of rock that knocks them all down.

There are a lot of hero games already on the marketplace currently, but Kingshunt looks very unique. In addition to being quick with defensive and offensive maneuvers, players have to think fast about strategy. The multiple elements mixed in together should make for some epic online battles.

Looking at the game’s official website, gameplay is based around asymmetric 5 vs 5 PVP. In order to survive, players have to master instincts, precision, and awareness or else their attempts will be all for not. As your opponents move, you’ll have to study their attacks and come up with the perfect counters.

As mentioned before, there are multiple hero types that players can select from. Whether you like to play the long game or prefer to go at enemies head on, there appears to be a hero for every playstyle. The couple of heroes teased in the trailer look very promising.

You have some sort of sorceress with the ability to bend rock at will and then another that uses an ax that can extend beyond an initial ground attack. These are just a couple of characters shown and there’s surely going to be even more variety when the game releases.

It’s currently targeted for PC around 2021. That seems like a realistic timetable even though the pandemic is still affecting so many around the globe. If you liked what you saw, this is just a taste of reveals to come.

The developer still has plenty of time to show more gameplay, hero classes, and some of the story elements. As of right now, Kingshunt has a lot of potential for those that like tactical battles and thinking on the fly.

Rather than just running at opponents hoping for the best, every decision will count for something. You can expect some pretty epic online battles against others with special abilities that rival your own.