Minecraft’s Newest DLC Allows Minecraft Players To Play With Dinosaurs and Even Comes With A Free Blue Hoodie

Minecraft’s Newest DLC Allows Minecraft Players To Play With Dinosaurs and Even Comes With A Free Blue Hoodie
Credit: Mojang Studios

Jurrasic World was a hugely popular movie that saw people return to the creation of long-extinct dinosaurs, Minecraft‘s Newest DLC allows for players to run with the dinosaurs and to even discover dinosaur DNA to create dinosaur hybrids.

This DLC is currently available on the Minecraft Marketplace for the low cost of 1,340 Minecoin, which is equivalent to about Ten dollars. Ten dollars for this map alone seems like a small price to pay, in addition to this map, you’ll get a large number of dinosaurs and skins which allows you to blend into the surrounding area.

The Jurassic World DLC for Minecraft not only allows the player to craft and play with the dinosaurs that you find throughout this world.

This DLC also features a luxury resort where the player is the park manager that handles the dinosaurs and the NPCs which are littered throughout the resort.

The resort is incredibly vast, having multiple buildings, including a pool, a railway system, and a grassy tree area. This resort features a large number of buildings which replicates the city as showcased in the movie, Jurassic World.

This treed area, along with the glass dome area, both feature dinosaurs where the player can roam with beasts that lived long ago. There are a variety of sections to house and play around with your dinosaurs.

The idea of the DLC map is to try and become the best Jurassic World park manager and to keep your park open and running for as long as possible!

There are a variety of dinosaurs available to have throughout your park, this DLC has a total of sixty different dinosaurs, including some of the hybrids showcased in the film.

This DLC pack also features a total of twenty-one skins that allows players to look like the characters showcased in the film easily. Even if you do not purchase the DLC, players can still feel the excitement from this DLC being released by getting a free Character Creator item called the rare Blue Hoodie!

Mojang Studios released a video that shows how players can interact and play with the dinosaurs in much greater detail. Which showcased recreations of the classic scenes in this Minecraft DLC pack showcasing the versatility that this pack offers players!