Kojima Productions Anticipated Five Year Anniversary Special Announcement Is Anti-Climactic

Kojima Productions Anticipated Five Year Anniversary Special Announcement Is Anti-Climactic
Credit: Kojima via YouTube

The internet is ready to move on beyond Cyberpunk 2077 as a collective whole, and we’re looking for the next title that we should hype beyond all reason.

So when Kojima Productions started teasing a few big announcements coming early this morning for the celebration of their fifth anniversary, the internet began collectively licking their lips and wondering what bizarre hallucinogenic feast Kojima is preparing to officially announce.

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We know, if nothing else, that it will likely bend genres towards the outlandish, polarizing consumers as some herald the studio as the second coming for the industry, and others wonder precisely what in the world they are ingesting to come with strange visions such as Death Stranding.

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They finally pulled back the curtain, and, drum roll please: there’s a wallpaper that users can have. Now we’re unsure what to do with all of the confetti we’ve purchased.

There’s also some merchandise available for those that need to shore up gaps within their Christmas shopping.

Try to stay calm, everyone, we’re sure your pulse is racing just as much as ours is right now as we reveal the final tweet.

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Clearly, the somewhat off-kilter flavor the Kojima Productions readily shows extends to bizarre reveals of…whatever all of this is, as many users that stayed awake to be of the first to know are now metaphorically kicking rocks while wondering precisely what they expected.

Probably something exciting, that they ‘wouldn’t want to miss’.

The disappointment is palpable, as multiple outlets are desperately attempting to discover what the next outlandish title is going to be from a studio that clearly has no qualms in eschewing modern tropes of genres to introduce a bold new imagining of gameplay; notably one of the few studios that are ready to do so.

Norman Reedus has also stated that he will work with Kojima once again after the strange Death Stranding readily had the actor tromping through a wasteland with bizarre high-quality renders of Monster energy drink cans. Just reminding everyone that was a thing.

Clearly, the mastermind behind the legendary romp of Metal Gear has broken free of Konami’s shackles of brand adherence and, some could argue, sensibilities, but that makes the coming announcements and titles frankly far more exciting than if they were developed by other studios that have more…discipline, perhaps, in constructing titles that more readily adhere to genre norms.

It’s also safe to say that Kojima Productions has been rocking the boat, and it’s a solid reason for fans being so hard-pressed to get eyes on what they’re doing next.