Death Stranding Releases Tomorrow On Steam And Pre-Loading Is Now Available

Death Stranding Releases Tomorrow On Steam And Pre-Loading Is Now Available
Credit: Kojima via YouTube

Death Stranding is Hideo Kojima’s latest action game. Ever since it first launched, it has definitely got the gaming community talking. From its unique story to its bizarre gameplay, you can tell Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions wanted to take a different path compared to the action games that have come out these past couple of years.

The game has been described as strange and yet oddly satisfying. For example, the game’s main protagonist Sam Bridges — played by Norman Reedus — has a baby in his suit that helps him identify threats now teeming the United States called BTs. It’s just one of the many elements that sets Death Stranding apart from anything that has come before it.

And now, the game launches on Steam tomorrow (July 14). So for the first time, PC users will get to experience its unique elements and see what everyone has been buzzing about. That’s not all.

Those that plan on picking up the title on Steam have the chance to pre-load the game right now. That means you won’t have to wait at all after purchasing your copy. You can boot up the game and see Kojima’s vision play out before your very eyes.

There have been some to criticize Death Stranding, saying that it’s just a long walking simulator as a modern day courier. Yes, you’ll be doing a lot of walking — but the developer has made it a very unique experience.

As you walk as Sam Bridges, you constantly have to keep balance and watch out for nearby obstructions. All the while, a fantastic musical score paints an immersive scene from an auditory standpoint. These elements combined with the jaw-dropping visuals definitely make you feel something as you move throughout open-ended environments.

The story also is told in a compelling way. As Sam Bridges, your goal is to transport the last remains of society’s future to different locations. Throughout your journey, you’ll encounter mysterious entities known as BTs. They pack quite the punch so you have to be strategic with how you approach them.

It’s also fun figuring out the lore of Death Stranding. There is plenty to discovery and questions to answer in a unique world that doesn’t come around that often. Finally after being strictly available on the PS4, PC gamers can join in on the fun and judge for themselves the lasting impact of Death Stranding and its unconventional elements.