Kojima Productions Denies Using Funds Allocated For Metal Gear Solid V To Develop PT

Kojima Productions Denies Using Funds Allocated For Metal Gear Solid V To Develop PT
Credit: Konami

Earlier this week, a report from a French gaming website — GameBlog.fr — claimed that PT, short for Playable Teaser, was being developed by a small team at Kojima Productions without Konami’s knowledge. It’s also worth noting that the demo for Kojima’s Silent Hill was being developed alongside Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Also according to the aforementioned report from the French website, Kojima Productions used funds allocated for Metal Gear Solid V to develop PT, which could be the reason why 2015’s The Phantom Pain felt like an unfinished game, especially toward its end. However, over on their official Twitter account, Kojima Productions said that the details of the report are completely false.

Kojima Productions’ Playable Teaser was eventually removed from the PlayStation Store, and those who didn’t have the game installed on their console were no longer allowed to re-install in from their library.

Recently, a self-proclaimed insider over on 4Chan reported that Sony has reached out to Konami about acquiring the rights to three of their IPs: Castlevania, Silent Hill, and Metal Gear Solid, with the latter two being given to Hideo Kojima.

Additionally, the anonymous report said that Kojima will remake the first two Metal Gear games, which take place directly after the events of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Unfortunately, though, it doesn’t look like the report has any truth behind it, as Kojima recently said that he hasn’t heard anything regarding Sony trying to acquire the rights for MGS from Konami.

Even though Kojima ended up making five main installments of Metal Gear Solid, it’s common knowledge that he didn’t want to continue the series following the first game’s release back in 1998, so it’s hard to believe that he’d be interested in developing yet another game in the series.

What does make sense in Kojima being given Silent Hill, simply because he was already in the middle of developing his version of the game. Again though, it looks like, as of right now, Sony hasn’t tried to acquire Silent Hill from Konami.

Nobody knows what Kojima’s next project will be, but, during an interview with Livedoor News, the legendary video game dev said that he recently had a big project get canceled. Of course, he didn’t reveal any details regarding the canceled project.

“I can’t say anything since it’s still in the planning stages, but we’re doing various work behind the scenes,” Kojima told Livedoor News. “Just recently, a big project fell apart, so I’m a bit upset about that.”

He also said that Death Stranding ended up being a financial success, despite it being a polarizing game in the eyes of the fans. So, with that in mind, don’t be surprised to see Kojima’s next project be a sequel to his first post-Metal Gear Solid release.