Kojima Productions Begins Searching For Additional Staff To Help Develop Next Title

Kojima Productions Begins Searching For Additional Staff To Help Develop Next Title
Credit: Kojima via YouTube

After the generally bizarre exposition found within the even stranger title of Death Stranding, Kojima Productions is getting the closest they will to officially announcing an upcoming title is currently under development.

A recent tweet shows that the studio is actively attempting to recruit the ‘best-in-class’ to come work with the studio located in Tokyo for a ‘new project in development’. As Death Stranding showed us, the studio surrounding Hideo Kojima is anything but hesitant to experiment with bizarre plots and even more outlandish gameplay that has, frankly speaking, never been done before.

This is the studio that had the world walking around for hours in a futuristic UPS simulator, balancing packages on our backs while petting a baby to avoid strange horrors.

Literally, anything could be coming out of the studio next and that’s difficult to qualify towards an audience; where many studios tend to rework a standard genre into excellence(such as Rockstar with the open-world experiences offered in titles such as Grand Theft AutoRed Dead Redemption, and even Bully) Kojima is beginning to look like something of a jack of all trades.

It appears that Konami was a bit pressed to keep the creativity of Hideo Kojima suppressed to standard levels on workings such as Metal Gear (as that’s arguably the closest he’s become to normalcy within the industry), but it’s difficult to question the brilliant mind behind the studio.

Games are arguably becoming stagnant with genre’s as developers sink loads of money into tried-and-true formulae to maximize profits, and developers that have no qualms about seeking new areas of gameplay are much-needed: arguably now more than ever.

If you’re looking for a foot in the door, be advised that you’ll need to be fluent in Japanese before they even begin looking at your known development languages or taking a peek at the GitHub profile.

Considering further that Japanese is a pretty hardcore language that takes many fluent speakers upwards of five years to get to a level of understanding dialogue and writing, and this isn’t something that you should be booking your plane ticket for immediately.

Conversely, if you have the skills necessary, there’s absolutely no harm in trying, right?

If Kojima Productions holds true to their blisteringly fast development time of Death Stranding, which was completed in a mere three years, then we can likely expect more news coming forth from Kojima Productions around early-2023.

Here’s hoping you have enough psychedelics to keep up.