Margaret Qualley Appears To Be The Focus Of Kojima’s Latest Teaser, Suggesting She Will Appear In His Next Game

Margaret Qualley Appears To Be The Focus Of Kojima’s Latest Teaser, Suggesting She Will Appear In His Next Game
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Another teaser for Kojima’s upcoming work has been revealed. This one appears to be testing the scales to see if the actress Margaret Qualley, who previously played Mama in the video game Death Stranding, will be participating in some form. If it is Qualley, then it is plausible that Kojima is dropping hints about the game that he is developing with Xbox, which is rumored to be Overdose.

In recent weeks, Kojima has been previewing his upcoming project with a series of mysterious posters that state Where Am I and feature a face in shadow. However, fans discovered another version of the sign at PAX Australia with a QR code that, when scanned, showed that Elle Fanning will be involved in the project in some capacity. This discovery took place earlier today.

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Kojima has just issued a new poster in the same style, except this time, it depicts a different actor whose face is obscured by shadow. The assumption that Margaret Qualley, who has appeared in Kojima’s previous works, such as Death Stranding, is depicted on the billboard is currently widespread across social media.

This is because Qualley played the role of Mama in Kojima’s last game. To add fuel to the flames, Kojima even reposted a tweet about Mama just a few minutes after sharing the poster, proving the connection between the two.

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Kojima is likely teasing the game he is producing with Xbox, which is rumored to be dubbed Overdose and a horror game. If this poster does end up including Margaret Qualley, then it is likely that Kojima is previewing the game that he is making with Xbox. Earlier in the year, a logo for the game was rumored to have been stolen alongside a synopsis of the clip. According to the description, the trailer showed Margaret Qualley exploring a house of some kind before she was startled by an adversary of some sort.