Stripe’s Type And Some Of His Moves Are Revealed By Multiverse

Stripe’s Type And Some Of His Moves Are Revealed By Multiverse
Credit: gamer

Stripe will be hitting the roster sometime during the following week, as was announced earlier today by MultiVersus. However, the developer Player First has now taken things one step further by disclosing Stripe’s class and a portion of his moveset.

It was announced that Stripe would be an Assassin in a new card unveiled by the MultiVersus Twitter account. Stripe will join the ranks of other notable Assassins, such as Arya Stark, Harley Quinn, and Finn from Adventure Time. We have also received details of a couple of moves that Stripe will be able to pull off in battle, and it appears that he could be a ranged/melee hybrid of sorts.

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For instance, one of Stripe’s attacks involves him utilizing his claws to deliver some damage throughout a long combo. In addition, he can use his chainsaw to leap forward and deal damage to those who are in front of him. If you find yourself at a distance with Stripe, he also possesses a handy weapon that can be quickly shot off for a quick projectile attack, or he can target opponents for a bit more range. These aren’t all of his moves, and we’ll likely get a more comprehensive rundown of his whole moveset in the next few days.

Regarding the precise time at which Stripe will become a team member, there has yet to be a plan for when this will occur. However, it is essential to note that previously added characters, such as Rick and Gizmo, were either published on Tuesday or planned to be released on Tuesday.

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Therefore, today will also be the day that Stripe joins the fight. However, that is merely a rumor; whenever we have more concrete information regarding Stripe’s actual release date, we will keep you posted on any relevant developments.