On Monday, We Will Know Black Adam’s Full Moveset And Class For His Next Appearance In The Multiverse

On Monday, We Will Know Black Adam’s Full Moveset And Class For His Next Appearance In The Multiverse
Credit: IGN

The creators of MultiVersus, Player First Games, have finally determined when Black Adam will be introduced to the roster of playable characters. Black Adam will be playable in the game for the first time on October 31, which is a Monday. This comes after it was first stated by MultiVersus that Black Adam would join at some point during this week. However, a little delay caused this to occur.

We also got a few more insights about how Black Adam will play, and those were revealed through the official MultiVersus Twitter account. Because of his resemblance to Black Adam’s archenemy Superman, many people may have incorrectly thought that Black Adam would be a Tank. However, Black Adam’s character card indicates that he will be a Bruiser rather than a Tank. Also, we’ve heard breakdowns of a few of his maneuvers, and it seems like Black Adam may be more dexterous than we gave him credit for.

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Black Adam’s initial super move is called Lightning Surge, and it allows him to use his powers to electrocute his foes. There is nothing in the text to confirm it, but this could be a new status effect. Black Adam can temporarily fly in any direction with his third move, which is called Heru’s Flight, and his second move, which is called Aton’s Havoc, allowing him to capture his opponents and shock them with a beam of lightning.

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The addition of Black Adam to MultiVersus will take place on the following Monday, and it is quite likely that the game’s previously stated Arcade Mode will also arrive at that time. It goes to reason that since the mode was revealed at the same time as Black Adam, it was also delayed indefinitely at the same time as he was.