Users Of MultiVersus Believe That Walter White’s Debut Has Been Pushed Forward

Users Of MultiVersus Believe That Walter White’s Debut Has Been Pushed Forward
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In spite of the fact that Morty is more of a wizard than a warrior, MultiVersus lately welcomed Morty with welcoming hands, and he quickly rose to become a pretty popular option for fighters.

However, a user has questioned what goes into the Player First Games character selection phase and how much demands are genuinely taken into account when seeking heroes for the game as gamers begin to explore what comes next for MultiVersus.

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Tony Huynh, the director of MultiVersus, said that the team takes fan requests very seriously and that they sometimes even move the creation of new characters ahead of schedule.

In a Twitter response to a user, Huynh notes that the demands influence a majority of the figures we pursue. For example, our team was recently asked to allocate additional resources to a protagonist who would have been considerably farther out due to demands.

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While fans have asked for everyone from Ted Lasso to Johnny Bravo, Walter White from Breaking Bad is currently the most frequently requested figure.

Fans of the program on the MultiVersus subreddit have taken the tweet and run with it, quoting the show and essentially taking it as proof that the spectacled drug lord is coming. At least, that’s what the fans there think.

Walter White is a fairly popular possibility for new characters, but this is not definite. He was added to the game relatively fast after its release, and senior character artist Dan Eder assured fans that he wouldn’t object to his inclusion.

However, white is really not controlled by Warner Bros., so acquiring him would probably need some significant legal work. Black Adam and Stripe, both of which are scheduled to release at some point during Season 1, will have to do for the time being.