Some Of Saints Row’s Most Significant Problems Are About To Get Fixes

Some Of Saints Row’s Most Significant Problems Are About To Get Fixes
Credit: gamer

In response to Saints Row‘s poor release, Volition stated that it was conscious of the issues and was working diligently to resolve them.

After almost a year between games, Saints Row was officially released earlier this week. Unfortunately, it appears to have fallen short in a number of areas since both gamers and reviewers have given it unfavorable reviews, giving it a user rating of 30 and a critic rating of 63 on Metacritic.

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The game has received several criticisms for being extremely problematic and incomplete, with players claiming failures, progress being lost, aesthetic issues, and much more.

The first hotfix is already scheduled for distribution over the coming few days, according to the authorized Saints Row account, which yesterday recognized the negative responses and mostly addressed the flaws and malfunctions that gamers have been reporting.

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Hello Saints, I want to praise you for supporting the opening of SaintsRow. We have seen your feedback and opinions, and we are conscious of the issues some gamers have had, as well as your ideas for new material. In the upcoming days and weeks, we plan to publish and release a number of upgrades for all platforms.

Volition then made explicit mention of some of the patches that will be released in the following days. Hotfix #1 will be released soon and will fix camera difficulties, animation glitches, PC launch difficulties, and errors. We have also already released a patch for the Epic Games version. We appreciate your patience as we work on this.

Whereas the announcement makes no mention of any of the additional problems that gamers have encountered with Saints Row thus far, it at least makes it clear that the development team is conscious of some of the more significant problems with the game that it can really strive to resolve. The first hotfix has since gone live on PC, and PlayStation and Xbox will follow shortly.