Volition Studios Confirmed To Be Working On Saints Row V After Extensive Silence

Volition Studios Confirmed To Be Working On Saints Row V After Extensive Silence
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

After the ESRB accidentally leaked Saints Row: The Third Remastered a few days ago, it seems like the publishers decided to go ahead with the confirmation. The official Saints Row Twitter account announced yesterday announced that the remaster was, in fact, under development.

The reception was mixed, with plenty being ready to applaud the upcoming remaster and others wanting more content. In response, the Saints Row Twitter confirmed that production on the title was still underway.

“A new Saints Row game is in development from @dsvolition,” They stated, referring to the development team at Deep Silver Volition, who developed the core installments in the franchise. “The Saints Row: The Third remaster is being done by Sperasoft.”


It’s great to know that both titles are in development simultaneously, given that one of the primary complaints from fans was worrying that the developers would be eschewing new releases to focus on remastering old content. It’s also good to know that main development is still in the hands of Volition, who have treated the franchise incredibly well since its inception.

Of course, this isn’t surprising to hear, as we already knew that a fifth Saints Row was under development. However, it had been quite some time since we heard any updates on it, and with so much attention moving to the upcoming remaster, many were beginning to worry the project had become mothballed.

There are still plenty of complaints around the Saints Row: The Third remaster that’s on the way. You can see the trailer that we’ve placed above to get a small hint at one of the complaints people have, in that it looks like they simply made a relatively-recent game a little bit prettier graphically.

This was one of the issues that we outlined in a previous article on the matter, where we were wondering if anyone really wants a remaster of such a recent title. It’s understandable to see attention on the recent Capcom remasters of Resident Evil titles that were made in the 90’s, but why do we need a remaster of a game that isn’t even a decade old yet?

Regardless of whether it’s a necessary remaster or an attempt to cash in on the currently very active remaster trend, it seems like we’ll be getting both titles, so why’s it matter? The original Saints Row: The Third is still easily accessible if you don’t want to report the remaster, and the fifth is coming down the pipeline, so we’ve got plenty to keep us busy for now.