One Player’s In-Game Toddler Had An Awful Makeover In The Sims 4 That Replaced The Toddler’s Head With A Mailbox

One Player’s In-Game Toddler Had An Awful Makeover In The Sims 4 That Replaced The Toddler’s Head With A Mailbox
Credit: IGN

Due to an unexpected chain of circumstances, a Sims 4 player unintentionally turned their toddler’s head into a mailbox. The Sims game frequently has bizarre bugs and glitches; the most recent one was introduced with the High School update and made Sims age up incredibly quickly. While most of these bugs give players enjoyable experiences, some of them have the potential to ruin games and cause frustration. Despite EA’s best efforts to fix these bugs, gamers may feel annoyed by them and put the game on hold for a while.

Numerous updates and patches have been introduced to The Sims 4 since the game’s release in 2014. The game’s latest update included the Delivery Express, which can bring new gear and game patches. For players with mods, these deliveries can either be automatic or updated only after approval. Even though these updates are helpful, some players use modding to build more profound stories in the game. While

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EA’s new The Sims 4 modification restrictions may deter enthusiasts from making new mods, the ones already available are often game-changing and even game-fixing.

A strange trick left in The Sims games was recently discovered by Reddit user Voldarian Empire. Running around the home with an enormous mailbox for a head, their kid was carrying the unusually shaped mailbox. The “Set As Head” feature, a hack that the developers intentionally left in, is known as this feature.

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The Sims features a wide variety of cheats that are all amusing. Some of the most popular ones, like the money hacks or the needs-filling cheats, are helpful, while others, like “Set As Head,” are just weird. Players can use the money cheats to give their Sims a cash boost to buy tools to improve their skills or just for fun to turn their Sims into a millionaire. These have been a staple of Sims games since they first debuted and are well-tested by numerous Sims gamers.