Dead Cells Developer Motion Twin Has Unveiled Their 2021 Content Roadmap for iOS and Android Devices

Dead Cells Developer Motion Twin Has Unveiled Their 2021 Content Roadmap for iOS and Android Devices
Credit: Dead Cells via YouTube

Dead Cells has done a great job becoming one of the main go-to Metroidvania-style games on the market. The challenging action mixed with randomized dungeons, weapons, and stats creates a unique experience that is hard to master. Players enjoy the infinite respawn as they perpetually strive to go deeper in every run.

Motion Twin, the developer of this title, has ported its game to iOS and Android devices. Now, fans can take a better look at the roadmap for 2021 as they look at what amazing content could be headed their way next year.

The first priority for the mobile title is to update the Legacy content. This update will be the mobile version 1.6 release. Players can expect new enemies, bosses, weapons, mutations, biomes, and more to start invading their runs.

With the game more up to date, fans have a higher chance for a more authentic Dead Cells experience. The port already provides a fairly solid ground for players to enjoy, but the new update can bring so much more into this dark and twisted world.

The second priority is the Bad Seed DLC pack. This is a paid expansion that has already released to console audiences. The developers are planning to launch the same DLC pack onto mobile devices in early 2021. This will add even more challenges to the game along with a new magazine of weapons to try out on any enemies that stumble upon your path.

The developers are planning another update sometime in the Summer of 2021 but they do not want to spoil the surprise just yet. Motion Twin has the spot marked, but no details as to what content will be added in that update.

At least now fans have a general idea of what to look forward to on the mobile version. This game wills till retain it’s ruthless difficulty and randomized level progress, but players may have to fight harder than ever to make it to the end.

Dead Cells has positive reviews on almost every platform establishing itself as one of the best Metroidvania’s on the market. There is no telling if this game will ever evolve into a sequel, but a mobile port is just as good for most fans.

This title gives players the same amazing Dead Cells experience on the go. Enjoy the carefully crafted controls mixed with the dedication of the development team.

Dead Cells is available on every platform. Players can find it on Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 4, Mobile Devices, and Nintendo Switch.