Devolver Digital Updates Hit Game Fall Guys Decreasing The ‘Tail Tag’ And ‘Royal Fumble’ Timers

Devolver Digital Updates Hit Game Fall Guys Decreasing The ‘Tail Tag’ And ‘Royal Fumble’ Timers
Credit: DevolverDigital

While Devolver Digital is on its momentum, the developers will surely do everything they can to hold a tight grasp with the throne. Their new hit game, Fall Guys, has been making its trending spots on websites such as Twitch and Twitter. To better assure the enjoyment of players, a new “sneaky” update has hit the game. And these are precisely what the community asked for.

While team-based categories are fun this new battle royale-type of game, it is not always desired. There are times when players felt like they could hard-carry if the team is not as competitive as the others. To combat this complaint, the game will now always have a single-player mode after a team-based competition. The community rejoices over this balance update as some felt like it’s challenging to qualify for the next round when they don’t exactly have their fates in their hands.

The final round, Fall Mountain, has been changed to have a max player count of 15. This last game mode can become very chaotic, with many players trying to get their win and be last bean standing. This new maximum player count will guarantee the game to be fun yet still be competitive.

The modes Team Tail Tag and Royal Fumble now have a minute and a half timer instead of its prior longer clock countdown. This incentivizes players to be active within the game and make their move rather than sit and wait for a while before making a powerful last-minute push.

The Valve-available costumes are now available to the PS4’s store. Unfortunately for Xbox players, there is still no news whether the game will be ported to the Microsoft console. The same goes for Nintendo Switch.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has been very successful since its official release earlier this month. Aside from being active on social network sites, like Twitter, the developers have been vigilant in listening to its player base and community. On the previous patch, a significant number of bugs have been fixed and improved its in-game cheat detection.

In support of the organization that caters to disabled gamers, Special Effect, the team is also launching a bidding war amongst interested brands to get their skin and advertisement logo on a Fall Guys costume. At the moment, Hello Tushy is winning the race with a $420,069.69 bid. Famous names such as MrBeast, Ninja, G2 eSports, and Aim Lab has presented their bids.