Tintin Match Brings The Adventures of Tintin To A Fun Mobile Adventure Game

Tintin Match Brings The Adventures of Tintin To A Fun Mobile Adventure Game
Credit: Maryver Gamer via Youtube

After a successful beta Tintin Match is planning to release on both iOS and Android devices later this month. This story-driven adventure mixes narrative with a match-3 style title where players must solve colorful puzzles within the universe of Tintin. The rather simple games bring the joys of this children’s cartoon to audiences of all ages, and yes the dog is included.

Follow the adventures of Tintin the famous reporter as you travel through unique puzzle challenges across iconic locations. Meet characters, explore places, and do things from the books as you embrace the full adventures of this amazing character.

The first adventure players encounter is The Crab with the Golden Claws. This adventure starts Tintin and Snowy into a unique mystery when Snowy gets his nose stuck in a crab tin. The adventure leads to a counterfeit money operation and a missing letter as Tintin gets thrown into a world of wild adventure.

To solve each of the puzzles players will have to master the match 2 puzzle system. Beat each handcrafted challenge by shifting pieces around the board. Dodge obstacles, reach pieces and race against the clock as you try your best to achieve three stars on every unique level.

The better you do in each puzzle the more kits can be collected and the more of Tintin’s world comes to life. Create scenes of miniatures and build up a unique environment with every win.

There is even a minor crafting mechanics allowing players to use their hard-earned resources to craft boosters. These powerups can help Tintin overcome even the hardest of challenges across the entire map. Players will need every bit of help they can get if they are going to beat level 61.

Enjoy unlimited retries on each puzzle as you learn from every mistake. this game is about adventure and fun so players should just sit back and enjoy a good time.

Tintin has long been a childhood icon for many gamers as he escapes the world of his comics. Previously there was a film made which reinvigorated the Tintin community, and now a mobile title is sure to solidify his spot in gaming history.

Keep in mind that this is a free to play title but it does have some minor microtransactions available. Players can always turn off in-app purchases just to make sure that no accidental shopping is done.

Tintin Match will release on August 31rst for both iOS and Android devices.