Twitch Has Permanently Banned Dr. Disrespect And Is Refunding Users Who Subbed

Twitch Has Permanently Banned Dr. Disrespect And Is Refunding Users Who Subbed
Credit: Daily Twitch Fix via YouTube

A recent development within the streamer world is that Herschel ‘Guy’ Beahm has been banned from Twitch; a recent move from the studio that appears to be permanent. Many are proposing that the ban is permanent as Twitch has been refunding users that have subscribed to the streamer.

No parties are willing to speak about precisely what has happened, leaving the internet to speculate wildly. It comes when the game industry is in upheaval as sexual assault and rape accusations fly fast and furious, and no studio or esport is currently safe.

The allegations tend to not need much weight to be taken seriously and has resulted in many people being ‘canceled’ by the public. In at least one event, the accusations turned out to be false, yet the user who had the accusations levied at him will face long term repercussions as he attempts to regain his following and clout.

But it’s easy to make a few anonymous claims, gain some steam against a personality that you dislike, and simply slip back into the abyss if you get called out for it.

Guy Beahm, best known for his bizarre online personality ‘Dr. Disrespect’, was known for being a bit of a buffoon online; his most recent antics involved him attempting to play Valorant where he was unceremoniously slapped by people playing intelligently, resulting in him screaming louder and louder during the closed beta.

Moments like this punctuated Dr. Disrespect’s career where he would have heated ‘gamer moments’ while trying to play popular games.

This isn’t the first time that Guy Beahm has been in the public spotlight for iffy conditions; he infamously took a break from streaming after it came to light that he was unfaithful to his wife, sleeping with others outside of his marriage; people that were allegedly fans of his.

Beahm’s final stream was an outlandish and surreal ending, with the streaming personality mumbling, repeating incessantly ‘we’ll get through this’ as the stream continued for its final moments.

In the stream, Beahm appears to be fighting emotions as he talks to his audience under the charade of the 80s’ wig and sporty sunglasses while watching a video on Roblox; a stream that he stated he might do the next day, implying that Beahm was somewhat caught unawares of the sudden removal from Twitch. His final words on stream were ‘fuck.’

It6’s likely that we’ll see the tricklings of what precisely happened, but not many people are willing to discuss it at the moment for whatever reason. Breslau stated on Twitter that he doesn’t feel comfortable discussing it, and this is the same guy that has been leaking the naughties of the game industry for years now. Whatever it is, it was big enough to literally cancel the personality.