After Months Of Silence Dr Disrespect Is Finally Back And Now Streaming On YouTube

After Months Of Silence Dr Disrespect Is Finally Back And Now Streaming On YouTube
Credit: DrDisRespect via YouTube

The two-time back-to-back champion has finally broken the months of silence and seems ready to bring his persona of Dr. Disrespect back into the streaming scene, this time on YouTube after a bizarre fall-out with Twitch that coincidentally happened shortly after Mixer went belly-up.

Guy Beahm started trending on Twitter after he posted a short video on Instagram, resulting in the misspelled hashtag ‘Drdisrepect’ trending as thousands began falling over themselves in the excitement that he could actually get back to streaming.

Shortly after, it was noticed that Dr. Disrespect had a ‘subscribe’ feature on YouTube where a new intro was playing featuring the iconic red Lamborghini in a ‘ChampionsClub.GG’ fueling station.

As donations and subscriptions poured in for an hour without Guy Beahm even making an appearance, it became very clear that YouTube Gaming was to be the newest home of the hard-grinding Guy Beahm and his persona of Dr. Disrespect.

Regardless of how you may feel about the persona and Guy Beahm, it’s difficult to deny that he’s one of the hardest working streamers in the scene today; multiple effects are consistently layered and blended together with audio and visual working in tandem to bring an odd 80s persona to life in the modern era, even while Beahm occasionally tilts in whatever video game he’s playing.

With well over a thousand dollars in donations within the first hour (likely inflated by Dr. Disrespect’s absence), it does bring a final thought of what Twitch thought they were doing when they cut him, and it’s clear now that it will likely never come to light as precisely why the streaming juggernaut cut the personality.

Conversely, this bodes surprisingly well for YouTube Gaming.

YouTube was able to pick up the Overwatch League as they signed a contract with Blizzard, a spotty deal that had many viewers frustrated with needing to bounce around the YouTube website to find the next live-stream of the competition, resulting in missed matches and mild annoyance.

Yet Dr. Disrespect has a massive following, and they likely don’t care where Guy Beahm streams, as long as he does so; switching over to YouTube may have been the best thing for YouTube.

Now, hundreds of thousands of followers of Dr. Disrespect are now idling within their website, meaning ample opportunity for YouTube to push their other channels and poise themselves as a solid competitor to Twitch; a move, worth noting, that Mixer similarly attempted with Shroud and Ninja which ultimately fell flat.

Presuming that something disastrous did happen with Dr. Disrespect on Twitch, it would be an easy blow to strike for the streaming giant against YouTube at the moment by finally breaking the silence. For the interim, however, Dr. Disrespect is back.