CS:GO – João “⁠Felps⁠” Vasconcellos Bought From MIBR By BOOM After Extended Loan

CS:GO –  João “⁠Felps⁠” Vasconcellos Bought From MIBR By BOOM After Extended Loan
Credit: Smurfson via YouTube

‘Felps’ has been absolutely crushing it during his extended loan period from MIBR to BOOM, and now BOOM has just announced that they’ve bought the player’s contract out from MIBR, meaning Felps is now an official member of BOOM.

The announcement trails rumors of MIBR simply struggling to remain relevant in the modern era of competitive Counter-Strike as some allege that they’re relying more on toxicity and their strong following to have favorable results, rather than the back of actual skill.

MIBR themselves have continued to fall from the upper ranks while flaming everyone they match against, yet Felps is on a fantastic streak as the younger 23-year-old currently holds an astounding 1.30 2.0 HLTV ranking with .85 KPR and 40% headshot average across 26 maps since he joined BOOM in March 2020.

It is expected that other talent that has not been caught up in the MIBR drama could also be shifting over to younger Brazilian teams as Brazil begins reorganization to recapture the heyday of 2015 & 2016 prior to the Rio Major, that is unlikely to happen in an offline format as is tradition.

This shift brings BOOM a very strong 5-stack roster with an average age of 24, meaning that we likely have three years based on averages before we see another shift within the roster; whether or not BOOM can capture magic within that timeframe is yet to be seen, but Felps will play a massive role within it.

For the past three months, with Felps on the team as part of a loan, BOOM has a win rate of 83.3%.

Still, BOOM is ranked at 85th, and the bottom of the seeds are known for volatile shifts as other teams practice new strategies and rosters ebb and flow across a medium as everyone vies to become a bit more relevant to the top 10; even with Felps on board, BOOM has fallen drastically from ~50 to mid-80s.

This is leading to many to question precisely what the next step for BOOM should be to begin clawing their way out of the bottom of the pile into relevance; while Felps has been leading the team across all statistics, Counter-Strike is absolutely a team-based game.

If we’ve learned anything from the woes of Vitality and ZywOo, it’s that one man cannot carry an entire team.

This is a solid first step towards BOOM more adequately representing Brazil, yet more shifts will need to happen before they become a household name along the lines of FaZe, Mousesports, and Astralis.