Critical Role Announces Show’s Return While Following Health And Safety Guidelines

Critical Role Announces Show’s Return While Following Health And Safety Guidelines
Credit: Wizards of the Coast & Critical Role Productions LLC via Youtube

One of the worst parts of quarantine for some of the Critters out there is the absence of their favorite web-series to help get through it. The wait is almost over, however, as Creative Director Marisha Ray has taken to Youtube to announce the return of Critical Role, alongside some new guidelines for the global pandemic.

This latest State of the Roll was hosted solely by Marisha, and featured the unveiling of the new social distancing set of Crit Role. While building the studio, the team was very careful to follow the guidelines set by the Hollywood White Paper Protocols. This set of guidelines was a collaborative effort by several entertainment industry unions, the CDC, and the WHO in order to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19.

The team took this one step further, by enacting their own safety measures that prioritize cast and crew safety and wellbeing. Safe to say, the Crit Role employees are confident in their ability to reopen the show with the utmost emphasis on social distancing practices. Each of the cast even now has their own desks, situated between 7 and 20 feet away from the other members.

This explanation then led to the next big announcement in the update, which is that the team will be pretaping the show for the foreseeable future.

Marisha explains that this was in order to,” ensure that we are continuing to follow safe standards and guidelines, and not having the pressures of a ticking clock that we have to work against.”

She also reminds fans that if at any time the local government deems production unsafe or too big a risk, that the show will go back on hiatus. This is followed by the good news, however, that Critical Role will be officially returning on Thursday, July 2nd for their 100th episode.

This announcement also comes alongside the reveal of special episode 100 merch, and a huge recap written by loremaster Dani Carr. This recap will reportedly cover the exploits of the Mighty Nein up until the currently released episode. Both of these will be available on their website at

She also lets fans know that once the new version of Critical Role is perfected, that the team will begin work on a remote version of Talks Machina as well. Certainly, this is a lot of information and much to look forward to for fans of the show. As always, check back here for more information on Critical Role and other gaming news.