There Are Rumors That The Sequel To Death Stranding Will Be Codename Ocean

There Are Rumors That The Sequel To Death Stranding Will Be Codename Ocean
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Despite Hideo Kojima’s tight-lippedness, fans have known for some time that a Death Stranding sequel is in the works. That’s because, in May, actor Norman Reedus accidentally let the cat out of the bag, prompting Twitter jokes about his inappropriate behavior.

A sequel to Death Stranding has been widely rumored ever since because of the latest disclosure that formerly well-guarded information is now widely available.

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Insider Gaming has cited ResetEra user Dusk Golem, who goes by the handle “Ocean,” saying that work on Death Stranding 2 has begun under the codename Ocean. Dusk Golem only revealed a little about the game, but it implied that Kojima Productions could become less reliant on Sony for future works.

Dusk Golem revealed that “Death Stranding 2 is in advancement, and for some insiders to know I’m not bullshitting about this in the future, the game’s internal codename is Ocean,” but that Kojima has had a long-standing deal with Sony on this, and that the two companies are currently evaluating whether or not they should revive their contracts after Death Stranding 2 or not.

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And according to Golem, any speculation that Death Stranding 2 will be an Xbox game is entirely groundless. Whether or if Kojima Productions stays with Sony after Death Stranding 2 will be revealed at that point.

It has been alleged that Google rejected a Kojima Productions game for Stadia because it would have only supported single-player gameplay. We assume this to be Overdose, the alleged horror game developed by Kojima Productions and Xbox. The game will certainly still be developed, but it will focus more on Microsoft’s cloud technology than Google’s.

As far as we can tell, Margaret Qualley (Mama in Death Stranding) is also a part of the cast of Overdose. However, this is based on very little evidence.