After Over Three Years, A GTA 5 Player Has Finally Completed A Pacifist Run

After Over Three Years, A GTA 5 Player Has Finally Completed A Pacifist Run
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The body count in Grand Theft Auto games is legendary. It’s not uncommon for someone to inadvertently take down a dozen police cars, three police helicopters, and a tank simply by getting into a minor automobile accident, shooting the other driver in front of a police cruiser, and then hitting the cop who calls for assistance before he dies.

But what if the goal of Grand Theft Auto wasn’t to follow a chain of terrible events that leads to a killing spree? What if you made a concerted effort to cause the least amount of harm possible?

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Matthew DarkViperAU Judge, a popular YouTuber, has been doing this for almost three years in Grand Theft Auto 5. His streak of peaceful videos, which started on May 26, 2019, ended with the most recent entry.

Any player familiar with the Grand Theft Auto series knows it is hard to avoid killing some characters in GTA 5, as they are essential to the game’s plot. Thus, DarkViper’s “pacifist” run is more akin to counting how few non-playable characters may be killed while still completing the game.

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96 was the answer. The final tally showed Trevor had the most kills (obviously), followed by Michael and then Franklin. All of the footage on DarkViper’s YouTube channel, which clocks in at over a thousand hours, is entirely authentic and recorded without using cheats or mods.

It took a lot of subtlety, patience, and taking advantage of certain weird AI behaviors to survive without getting killed in Grand Theft Auto 5. Most of DarkViper’s fights were waged by neutral NPCs, and a few of her foes even killed themselves. DarkViper, for instance, used a ploy where he tricked some hired goods into falling from a balcony in the last moments of his run.