Brawlhalla Is Planning On Releasing For Mobile Devices Bringing The 2D Fighting Game To Both Android and iOS Fans

Brawlhalla Is Planning On Releasing For Mobile Devices Bringing The 2D Fighting Game To Both Android and iOS Fans
Credit: Ubisoft North America via YouTube

During the Ubisoft Forward Livestream, fans got to hear the announcement of the free-to-play 2D fighting game Brawlhalla’s most recent port. Developed by Blue Mammoth Games, Brawlhalla will be making an appearance on mobile devices releasing for free on both the App Store and the Google Play Store.

Brawlhalla is similar to the Super Smash Bros. franchise in that it features several stages, game modes, and recognizable characters. Knock your opponents off stage and battle through exotic trials in this unique fighting experience.

Brawlhalla features original fighters designed for the game along with several familiar Ubisoft characters. Alongside iconic choices like Rayman, players can even use special guest fighters from television and comic alike including Adventure Time and Hellboy.

In the mobile debut announcement, players can see a demonstration of how gameplay can commence. There are multiple control options for players including the ability to have up to three different control configurations all accessible at one time.

The trailer ends with showing off the full cross-play potential of the game. Play with PC and Console players as you join a community of over 40 million fighters across all platforms. Challenge them to epic combat and prove your dominance in the halls of Brawlhalla.

Each match supports up to eight local or online players. Fight in online 1v1 battles as you climb up a ranked ladder from Tin to Platinum. The game will auto-match you with players of your skill level allowing you to take on an ever-evolving challenge.

Play in custom rooms with your friends in a cross-play 4v4s, 1v3s, 2v2s, and free-for-all battles. With so many game modes to enjoy players can have an evolving experience that will have new surprises around every corner.

Practice each fighter’s unique skills in the training room. Here you can spend time practicing combos with access to detailed frame data, hitboxes, hurt boxes, and more. Sharpen your skills and beat your enemies into submission.

So get ready to enter the greatest slugfest full of powerful weapons and gadgets. Every weapon will change your playstyle as you battle with history’s greatest warriors. Enter this epic test of skill.

Brawlhalla is a 100% free to play experience available on PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and now mobile devices. For more information be sure to explore the developer’s website which is full of characters, screenshots, trailers and more. This is an epic test of the most cartoonish and finest caliber.