Bounty Battle Brings Together Popular Indie Game Characters Together On July 16

Bounty Battle Brings Together Popular Indie Game Characters Together On July 16
Credit: Bounty Battle via Steam

Publisher Merge Games and developer Dark Screen Games have announced the planned release date for their upcoming action brawler Bounty Battle. The game brings together several indie game characters for one action-packed game.

The game was successfully funded through the crowdfunding platform Fig. Through Fig, potential players can back projects they want to support throughout their development.

Bounty Battle is planned to launch on PC and consoles simultaneously in mid-July. On Steam, the game states that a controller is mandatory to play the game. Keyboard and mouse controls are not supported and will likely not be patched in for future updates.

In Bounty Battle, a supernatural event opens a multiverse portal that brings together characters from many indie titles. The greatest warriors from these worlds come together, all with magical powers. Each world is fighting for ultimate control of the multiverse. Unfortunately, these characters all have a bounty placed on their heads, which makes others seek them out for battle.

Some of the games included are Darkest Dungeon, Dead Cells, Awesomenauts, SteamWorld Dig, Owlboy, and Battle Chasers Nightwar. At launch, there are over 20 characters to choose from with unique move sets and special attacks. Characters also have minions who can be summoned and fight along with their hosts in battle. If the same characters are chosen, there are multiple colors and palette swap options to change up their style. More characters are planned to be added in future updates.

The Steam page shows off the starting roster of characters and how they’ll appear in the game. Some of the characters haven’t appeared since their indie games last released, so now players can once again revisit some of their favorites from the past.

Bounty Battle also starts with around 16 arenas. Some are brand new to the game, while others are inspired by the games the fighters originate from.

Bounty Battle has plenty in store for solo and multiplayer. There’s a primary Story Mode, local couch multiplayer with up to three other players, practice mode, and a tutorial to get started.

The game was inspired by several fighting and brawler titles such as BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, Skullgirls, and Street Fighter.

While the game will be available digitally across PC and platforms, physical editions of the console game are now available for pre-order through Signature Edition. This edition comes with the physical game, Character Guide Booklet, and four original character enamel pins bundled in a Signature Edition box.

Bounty Battle launches on PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on July 16.