Death Stranding For The PC Isn’t Coming Out Until July According To Kojima Productions

Death Stranding For The PC Isn’t Coming Out Until July According To Kojima Productions
Credit: Kojima via YouTube

Despite its bizarre nature and themes, Death Stranding has seen a lot of commercial success since releasing back in 2019 for the PlayStation 4. Gamers have loved the themes of society banding together and the atmospheric experiences. Based on fan reactions, Kojima Productions really nailed it with their outside-the-box designs and lore.

Now that PS4 gamers have had their time exploring the beautiful environments as Sam Bridges (played by Norman Reedus), it’s time that PC users had their turn. Originally, Death Stranding was set to release this June. However, given that the pandemic has affected the world on a global scale, Kojima Productions are pushing the PC release date back to July.

The developer made this announcement on their official Twitter page. Now, the release date is July 14. It seems like the work-at-home orders have affected this development team. Instead of rushing to get the game out on PC and having it littered with bugs, they want to make sure it’s a smooth launch.

A couple of more weeks of waiting isn’t that bad when you really think about it. Death Stranding is a game worth waiting for, especially if you’re looking to enjoy higher frame rates and better graphics. The game already is beautiful. Kojima Productions really made the game expansive and feel limitless in terms of its explorative design. Having even better graphics is a huge incentive for those checking this game out on the PC.

You would also be hard-pressed to find a more interesting story. It revolves around a fragmented society because of Timefall. It’s a deadly storm that ages anything it touches. Not only that, but BTs surround these storms, which are paranormal monsters that eat the last of the survivors left. You’ll travel as Sam Bridges to unite society back to its former glory. In order to do so, you’ll travel miles and miles while listening to some emotionally-gripping music.

You have a companion baby by your side named BB (Bridge Baby). He definitely steals the show in a lot of ways. Norma Reedus also is a standout aspect of this game and is a perfect fit for the role of Sam. In just a couple of more months, PC gamers will be able to experience all of this unique and memorable action. Hopefully, the developer is able to complete the finishing touches on schedule and give PC gamers something extraordinary to check out in July. Everyone is waiting in anticipating.