American Truck Simulator’s Big 1.37 Update Is Now Available And Introduces Some Noteworthy Features

American Truck Simulator’s Big 1.37 Update Is Now Available And Introduces Some Noteworthy Features
Credit: SCS Software via YouTube

Finally after months of anticipation, the big 1.37 update is here for American Truck Simulator. It has been teased quite a bit with trailers, featuring new features and mechanics. The developer — SCS Software — made this update’s release official with a video. It breaks down some of the new things that returning and new players can expect to find.

It gets right into the new content. There are new food trailers available to drive, new ways to customize bulk feed and grain hopper trailers, and even new traffic sounds. SCS Software has always prided itself on creating a realistic trucking experience and this latest update definitely shows this in spades.

The new paint jobs give you plenty of ways to make over a wide variety of trailers, which is important for having a more personal experience out on the road hauling big loads for companies. Even the sounds have been upgraded. Now, they’re must more realistic with effects that you would find in real life — such as the Doppler effect.

You can notice the fine details as traffic flows by. You hear the whistling of engines as if they’re right next to you. Clearly, SCS Software has spent a lot of time with this update as to give their loyal fans even better trucking experiences. New train and crossing sounds have even been added. They may seem like small details, but they really give players the complete trucking experience that they would find in this industry.

And for those who feel like they’re getting a little too cooped up in their truck, they can now finally open up the windows. The sound effects instantly change upon doing so, which just further highlights the intricate details that the developer has put into this trucking simulator. You can bring in some fresh air or just listen to the sound of your truck’s engine a little louder once the windows have been rolled down. It’s all possible. The developer has even given some love to the interior of your truck, as now you can customize the steering wheels for an even more personal experience.

American Truck Simulator has always been great in the realism department, and this latest update just makes it even better. If you haven’t had the chance to check out the authentic details, there’s never been a better time than now. There are so many open roads begging to be explored in powerful, realistic trucks.