EA Play Is Announced As Now Coming To The Xbox Game Pass In 2021 After Delays

EA Play Is Announced As Now Coming To The Xbox Game Pass In 2021 After Delays
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Well, we all kind of thought that this would be the announcement that marks the belated arrival of EA Play to the Xbox Game Pass for PC, an event that many have been looking forward to as Electronic Arts seems finally unfettered regarding offering access to their trove of titles to multiple platforms to the enjoyment of gamers everywhere.

Coupling with the Xbox Game Pass for PC, a fantastic deal that offers day-one access to a slew of titles ranging from Crusader Kings III to State of Decay 2 along with other titles such as Final Fantasy 7/8 that come from third parties, it’s a promising deal that many are looking forward to.

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Regardless of how difficult some have noted the launch of EA Play on Steam, where titles seem obscured and Electronic Arts is offering almost 25% of the total titles within the Origin store.

This is an aspect that has not been rectified since it’s been pointed out, and no statements have been offered from Electronic Arts as of yet as to whether or not we can expect the rest of the titles to arrive outside of the Origin platform.

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Still, as EA Play offers a full year of access on Steam for $30, it arriving in tandem with the Xbox Game Pass for PC subscription is a heck of a deal that is difficult to immediately discard the idea of getting more content for, what is currently believed to be, the same monthly price that has brought Microsoft a bit of well-deserved appreciation.

In a new blog post on Xbox.com, however, they reveal that this is taking a bit longer than they originally thought would be necessary: they’re asking for patience while they work on the partnership with Electronic Arts to offer more titles across more mediums.

It’s a frankly standard speech: apologies for the delay, there will be greatness in the future, thanks for working with us, et cetera.

The only real meat that is offered is that of a morsel, stating that it’s simply coming ‘early 2021’.

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Nothing to necessarily write home about, but if you’ve been anticipating the arrival of the titles to Xbox Game Pass, steering clear of EA Play on Steam under the presumption that they will be arriving soon, then you might want to reconsider the strategy.

No dates are offered within the posting aside from a vague statement of an early 2021 arrival, leaving lots of room for speculation and the eventual delivery.