Xbox Game Pass For PC Releases Katana Zero, Age Of Empires 3, Tales Of Vesperia

Xbox Game Pass For PC Releases Katana Zero, Age Of Empires 3, Tales Of Vesperia
Credit: DevolverDigital via YouTube

Publishers have been getting a bit higher on the idea of ongoing subscriptions to allow gamers to experience a wide berth of titles for a low monthly rate, and frankly, it works pretty well for gamers as well.

Instead of needing to purchase titles to play for a few hours and then have sit in your library until the end of time, it’s rather nice to be able to pick up a cheap subscription for a month and then spend that time working through interesting titles that the publisher offers.

Using this wisely can let you play new titles every month from various publishers, switching between the subscription services as new releases are offered.

On top of the current mountain of publishers that are offering the subscription service is arguably Microsoft with their Xbox Game Pass for PC (although console-only users are wont to disagree), as the XGP offers day-one access to Microsoft titles across a fascinating medium of genres.

This becomes even more pronounced when compared directly to other game subscription offers, such as Ubisoft, where many titles tend to feel similar in terms of open-world gameplay.

Today, the Xbox Game Pass added on five new titles, and we strongly recommend looking at three of them at the minimum.

Katana Zero offers frenetic 2D action where a single sword stroke can offer the difference between life or death.

Users will play short snippets of levels until they successfully clear it, at which point the drugged-up protagonist will then execute in a satisfactory manner. There’s a bit of controlling time, deflecting bullets with a slash, and slow-motion in this pristine title that will remind you of Hotline Miami with every bizarre twist and turn.

Tales of Vesperia is a classic JRPG that has been remastered into a definitive edition.

Pipe-smoking wolves and bizarre costumes are the standard stomping grounds in this anime-rich title that has divided fans between it, and Tales of Berseria which is the more modernized sequel of the title. Expect bizarrely contrived dialogue that comes from cliche characters that mark every trope in the book, along with some interesting dynamics and environments in true anime-fashion.

Finally, Age of Empires 3: the empire-building RTS that took the classic Age of Empires formula and attempted to breathe new life into it.

Much like Tales of Vesperia, this was controversial as fans argue between playing the same title eternally with new coats of varnish and getting fresh mechanics, depending on what day it is. You should note that many on Steam have reported a slew of current bugs and issues with how it has released, a trait that is quickly becoming a tradition for the re-releases of the Age of Empire franchise. The good news is that it will likely be buffed out by the time you finish with the first two titles offered.