A Plague Tale: Innocence From Asobo Studio Is Heading To Xbox Game Pass For The PC

A Plague Tale: Innocence From Asobo Studio Is Heading To Xbox Game Pass For The PC
Credit: Focus Home Interactive via YouTube

Xbox Game Pass is an incredible subscription service for gamers who like playing a wide variety of games every day. It’s an incredible value and thankfully, PC gamers can use the service now as well. Every month, a new wave of games hits the platform. Thus, there is always something new and fantastic to look forward to.

A new batch of games are on the way, which includes the thrilling A Plague Tale: Innocence. This is one of the better horror-stealth games to come out in recent memory, so it’s great to see Xbox Game Pass PC subscribers having access to it.

Asobo Studio has created stellar atmospheric experiences in this game, which can be attributed to the environments and the creatures that lurk around your characters. You see, as you venture through the darkest hours of history as Amicia with her little brother, you’ll have to stay away from the rat hordes. They have taken over these forsaken lands and their appetite for human flesh is quite veracious.

The horde definitely adds a nice bit of tension as you try to also stay away from the invading Inquisition. They’re out for blood and have already laid waste to all that you hold near and dear to your heart. Set in 1349, A Plague Tale: Innocence is an emotionally gripping story that will have you appreciative of how civilized and peaceful the times are that we live in today.

The stealth design that the developer created is very fluid. Sneaking around solders and staying in the light away from the rat horde feels so immersive and fun. You’re given multiple ways to approach enemies, too. For example, you can simply walk past soldiers to get to the next area or you can use a surprisingly powerful sling-shot. It’s a life-saver when taking out opponents that are far away.

The pace of this game is a great change from those that are oriented towards non-stop action. You get to enjoy the characters, story, and environments more. There’s plenty of time to take everything in and truly feel the despair that’s spreading like wildfire around your homeland.

Additionally, Amicia and Hugo are easy characters to root for. They’re not equipped with a lot of resources. Instead, they’re the every-man and have to use their strength of love to conquer all that gets in their way. You don’t get stories like this often in video games.