Little Hope’s Latest Trailer Shows Deadly Premonitions And Difficult Decisions For Players

Little Hope’s Latest Trailer Shows Deadly Premonitions And Difficult Decisions For Players
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

Next up in The Dark Pictures Anthology from Supermassive Games is Little Hope, a survival-horror experience that is doubling down on suspense and mysterious lore. The last installment — Man of Medan — had a lot of things going for it.

Little Hope looks just as promising in its own way. It’s currently scheduled to release the day before Halloween, which is so fitting for a game that keeps players on edge by forcing them into some frightening scenarios and game-changing decisions.

Leading up to its release, the developer has appropriately released trailers getting fans excited for the dark horrors that await in this next chapter. A new trailer is out now that shows off some of the deadly premonitions that players and their characters will experience.

As players get further into the lore, they’ll see warning signs that give them a hint of what’s to come. If you are attentive and pick up on certain clues, you can respond to deadly situations correctly. Miss them and do something even slightly off and you’ll be regretting the paths you go down.

That’s always been a major highlight of The Dark Pictures Anthology series up to this point. The developer puts you in some precarious scenarios and you have to respond correctly at just the right times.

A lot of times you’ll do the wrong thing and have an outcome you didn’t expect. In this way, these games have great replayability. You can go back through and see how things could have been different. There seems like a lot of memorable paths to go down in Little Hope, which is centered around a fictional New England town that has a history of witchcraft.

The trailer also shows some additional content you’ll be able to unlock, such as comic books strips and scenes of the actors that portrayed characters in the video game.

Man of Medan did a lot of good things for this anthology series and it looks like Little Hope is picking up where it left off. If you enjoy witch themes and dark lore that you’ll have the pleasure of learning more about, then Little Hope looks like the perfect game to play this Halloween season.

There are many more installments scheduled for this anthology, but many have their sights set on Little Hope and its promising potential as shown in the trailers that have surfaced leading up to launch day.