Supermassive Games’ Man Of Medan Gets Official Multiplayer; Face The Darkness Together

Supermassive Games’ Man Of Medan Gets Official Multiplayer; Face The Darkness Together
Credit: Supermassive Games via YouTube

Supermassive Games impressed the horror community with its first entry, Until Dawn, back in 2015. Now, the company is back with the intriguing Dark Pictures Anthology, an upcoming horror anthology series that is set to have eight unique entries throughout the game’s lifespan. The first of which, Man of Medan, is coming very soon.

For quite some time, the game has carried an interesting tagline: “Don’t Play Alone.” While many thought this was just alluding to how scary the game would be, suggesting that you should always keep a buddy nearby, it turns out that it was to be taken literally. Supermassive Games has announced that the game will feature a unique multiplayer component, allowing for two people, or even big groups, to get scared together.

Multiplayer horror games are usually hit-or-miss, and many of them focus solely on the competitive aspect of gaming. Titles such as Friday the 13th and Dead By Daylight use an asynchronous multiplayer approach to the genre, allowing one player to take on the role of the antagonist while the others struggle to survive. Co-operative horror is something that one rarely sees these days, but the folks at Supermassive are looking to change that.

Until Dawn was a great single-player experience, but it was also one that was easy to share with others. Sitting around the TV, making decisions together, and watching everything unfold made for a great evening of horror gaming with friends. Man of Medan is looking to take this experience and provide built-in multiplayer options to do just that. While the game is, of course, fully playable in single player, gamers who want to experience the journey together can do so through two different methods; the first being a standard two-player online co-op, but the second is much more interesting.

“Movie Night” mode is designed with group play in mind. You and up to four friends can brave the game together, with each person selecting their own character to play as through the adventure. The best part is that only one controller is needed. When the character’s section comes up, you simply pass the controller to the appropriate person. Everybody gets involved, makes their own decisions, and everything they do will affect the story.

Man of Medan is centered around a group of five characters who find themselves trapped aboard a mysterious ghost ship. Throughout the game, you take on the role of each character as you explore the cursed ship, and hopefully, make it out alive. The game is set for release on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on August 30, 2019.