Marvel’s Avengers’ Latest Patch Includes New Content And Quality Of Life Improvements

Marvel’s Avengers’ Latest Patch Includes New Content And Quality Of Life Improvements
Credit: Marvel Entertainment via YouTube

Marvel’s Avengers has now been out since August. In that time, a lot of reviews have come in. So far, things seem pretty mixed. On one hand, the game’s main campaign is a bright spot that is exactly what you want if you’re an Avengers fan.

The story gives you the chance to see your favorite heroes get pushed to the limits and there is around 15 hours of content to look forward to. The combat also is a great aspect of this action-adventure title.

Unfortunately, the multiplayer portion has been plagued with issues and definitely leaves more to be desired. The game also has a lot of glitches that need to be worked out sooner rather than later.

With that said, Marvel’s Avengers is still pretty young. Crystal Dynamics has a lot of room for improvement, but they can do so through post-launch updates. A new patch is actually out now for the Xbox One and PS4.

The developer has put out patch notes explaining everything update 1.3.3 includes. One of the biggest announcements is a new outpost specifically dedicated to SHIELD. This command center is geared towards Maria Hill and with are new missions referred to as Tachyon Rifts. They’re designed for high-level players and those that successfully complete them can look forward to new gear referred to as cosmic items.

In addition to these new missions and new outpost, some quality of life improvements are now available. They fix a number of glitches that players have complained about. For instance, now exotic gear will drop at the right power levels. Matchmaking has also been improved for those that want to take their heroic adventures online with others.

That has been a pretty big negative since launch so it’s good to see the developer making adjustments where they’re really needed. If you want the complete list of new features and improvements, you can head on over to Marvel’s Avengers’ official website.

Are these changes enough to completely rehaul Marvel’s Avengers and make it an entirely different experience? No, but they do a lot in improving gameplay and that’s important if the developer wants this game to have the impact they hoped for at launch.

The release wasn’t as smooth as the developer hoped, but if they do their best to keep these patches coming, then that could ease player concerns and get this action-adventure title where it needs to be heading into 2021.