Kojima Productions Has Potentially Teased Its Next Project, Which Could Be Silent Hill

Kojima Productions Has Potentially Teased Its Next Project, Which Could Be Silent Hill
Credit: Lance McDonald via YouTube

Kojima Productions is riding high off its release of Death Stranding. Despite its bizarre nature, the game has been received well within the community. Gamers have loved the beautiful visuals, peaceful music, and the emotional journey of Sam Bridges played by Norman Reedus. Hideo Kojima wanted to emphasize connecting with others in a fragmented society, and for the most part, he achieved that theme with great success.

Now, it looks like the studio has its sights set on the next big project. The developer’s official Twitter page has made a series of posts indicating a new game being in the works. In the Tweet, we see Hideo sitting at his desk with a sticky note that can’t be made out. However, it’s the wording of the Tweet that has many gamers buzzing.

He apologizes for remaining silent. That last word is of particular importance and could — in fact — be referring to a new Silent Hill game coming down the pipe. In a lot of ways, that seems like the most likely of scenarios.

Kojima Productions was already hard at work on P.T., the project otherwise known as Silent Hills. It was set in the Silent Hill universe, only the experience was much different than anything that has come before. Instead of having a third-person perspective, P.T. was shot from first-person. That design change alone made this experience much more immersive and creepy. Unfortunately, after some budget issues and a lack of direction, P.T. was cancelled before it had the chance to see the light of day.

That hasn’t stopped fans from doing their best to recreate the demo experience. Some have even been successful doing so in Dreams, the game creation system for the PS4. Yet, experiencing a full version is what many fans still hope for. They just might get it based on this recent cryptic Tweet from Kojima Productions.

Earlier last year, it was revealed that two new Silent Hill games were in the works. One would be a re-imaging of the original and the second would have a narrative-driven design, much like the games from Telltale Games. Could Kojima Productions possibly be referring to one or both of these projects? That’s also a possibility.

Either way, it’s great to see Silent Hill back in the gaming news cycle. It has been so long since we’ve been treated to a new installment. Hopefully, Kojima doesn’t keep us in the dark for too much longer.