Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition Announced As Arriving To GOG On November 24

Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition Announced As Arriving To GOG On November 24
Credit: Guerrilla Games

Like your titles with a bit less (read: no) DRM, or maybe just the thought of continuing to support the Polish game juggernaut CD Projekt while we all wait idly for Cyberpunk 2077 to finally release?

Then you should know that GOG has just announced that Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition is coming to GOG on November 24.

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This is good news if you haven’t picked up the title as of yet on the Steam platform.

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It’s not a well-kept secret that Guerrilla struggled to make the port a reality in the first few weeks; interesting bugs abounded, framerates dropped, and crashes to desktop were not out of the norm either.

Guerrilla prevailed, however; they sent out a strong message that they weren’t going to let the port of the title that flourished on the PlayStation 4 (as an exclusive) be a murky first step into the PC domain; one admittedly ripe with power-users and elitists that demand every iota of power to be properly administered in their titles.

So they continue to chomp at the bit, releasing additional patches that have thankfully made the title far more playable than it was on PCs in its infancy.

That is what GOG is currently offering: a title that has successfully been vetted on the Steam platform and experienced a wealth of updates. You should note that it being on GOG will not impede your modding experience whatsoever, albeit anecdotally and empirically speaking as we’re prior to the launch.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t announced when its arrival to Steam was noted: many are darning the luck of purchasing it on Steam instead of waiting for the opportunity to buy the title on GOG; consider yourself one of the lucky ones if this title still isn’t taking up space on your hard drive.

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Count yourself as one of the lucky ones if the title hasn’t made its way to you via the Steam platform; admittedly, the level of hype at finally having console exclusive jumping over to PC was palpable and having one that was as fondly received as Horizon Zero Dawn leading what could become a full charge of exclusives being shared with gamers of all means meant that people were eager to get their hands on the title.

This is likely one of the reasons that it’s one of the most double-dipped titles (meaning users that had already purchased the title on PlayStation 4 purchased it again to play on PC) titles, second only to the constantly re-released Grand Theft Auto 5. Greatness awaits, in four short days.