Destiny 2: Introduction Of Random Rolled Exotics To Xur’s Inventory Starting 6/12

Destiny 2: Introduction Of Random Rolled Exotics To Xur’s Inventory Starting 6/12
Credit: Bungie via Youtube

In Destiny 2, guardians look forward to the arrival of Xur every Friday in-game. Xur is a unique vendor that carries exotic armor and weapons, and is the only one of his kind in the Destiny universe.

Players have even more reason to be excited for their Agent of the Nine visitor during Season of the Arrivals. Now, Xur’s inventory is random rolled, meaning you can try your luck to roll exotics you already have and see if you get a better version.

Alternatively, Xur also carries an item called a Fated Engram. This exotic engram is special, as it can only drop an exotic weapon or armor that you have not yet obtained. It does come at a hefty price of 97 legendary shards, however, so make sure that you are stocked up before you seek him out.

To find him, players must travel to Nessus this week. Xur will be located on the Barge in Watcher’s Grave until the reset next Tuesday.

This week, Xur carries with him the Black Talon exotic heavy sword. This weapon is unique for its ability to fire a projectile and was relatively introduced during the Forsaken DLC. If you haven’t gotten your hands on this sword already, make sure to pay Xur a visit this week. The weapon is useful for both PvP and PvE but really shines in Gambit while invading or defending from an invader.

Next on the list is the exotic for Hunters. This week Xur offers the Raidan Flux chest piece. This is a must-have for those Arcstrider fans, thanks to its exotic perk “Synapse Junctions.” This allows for chained Arc Staff hits to increase both damage and duration for the super. As such, it is a great option for PvP and PvE but does get edged out by other excellent Hunter Exotic options.

Titans this week can enjoy the chance to grab the Synthoceps gauntlets. This exotic has been a class staple since Destiny 2’s launch thanks to its usefulness and versatility. Even if you have a copy of this armor piece, you might as well try your luck for a better roll. The perk “Biotic Enhancements” increases melee range, and also increases damage while surrounded by enemies.

Finally, for warlocks, players can purchase the Promethium Spur greaves. Its exotic perk reads,” While Daybreak is active, defeating combatants or Guardians creates a Healing and Empowering Rift at their location.”

This is a bit of a situational exotic and outclasses by other options for the subclass, but it can be useful and fun to use so you might as well add it to your vault.

These weapons and armor pieces can only be obtained until next Tuesday before the reset, so make sure to take a break from grinding out the new Season’s content to visit Xur. Next week brings a host of new activities and new exotics to look forward to, so stay tuned until then.