Heroes War: Counterattack Has Launched Onto Google Play

Heroes War: Counterattack Has Launched Onto Google Play
Credit: Heroes War: Counterattack

Heroes War: Counterattack has launched onto Google Play to introduce players to the action-packed RPG experience. Create a team from the remaining humans and mutants within the world as you become a hero in a dystopian universe. This game presents a unique gameplay experience mixed with a strange world.

This title teases fans with a chance for a war-based experience where players pit their mercenaries against an oncoming hoard of enemies. This title expands upon the classic strategies of turn-based RPG systems as players pick their attack, direction, and target. This game is all about action and counter-attack as players pace out the unique situation with every chance.

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Heroes War: Counterattack is an engaging and challenging experience. Players need to weigh the battlefield, their own troops, and the future of the situation all based on what they believe is best.

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Meet a colorful cast of characters that let you discover the immersion within the game’s storyline. This game has a strange world full of lore and immersive elements just waiting for players to decide what is best.

Learn the unique split into two forces that humanity has taken to. The Union force, which is made up of humans fights against the Harz Force which is full of mutants. While it is unclear exactly why the mutants exist, the game seems to have some hidden virtues that it is not sharing.

The developers have claimed that the game has stunning graphics and animations. Fans seem to agree with their 4.2 ratings on Google Play as more player seem to join the ever building community.

Reviewers tend to agree that the game’s atmosphere and music create an immersive story that ever grows. While it is unknown if the reviews will continue to see only bright features, this game is no doubt going to be a fan favorite for at least the coming weeks.

The developers have active social media pages on Facebook, Discord, and their main website. For more information be sure to delve into the screenshots, trailers, and additional footage.

This game seems to be great for players of all ages, but it may be better for more mature audiences. The themes, strategies, and additional features may make the game better for older players.

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Heroes War: Counterattack is available on Android devices. There is currently no word is the game will be porting to console or PC, but till then players will have to experience it on a mobile device.