Harvest Moon: One World Showcases Gameplay Features And Marriage Candidates In New Video

Harvest Moon: One World Showcases Gameplay Features And Marriage Candidates In New Video
Credit: Nineverything via YouTube

Natsume has released further information regarding its upcoming title Harvest Moon: One World. The company has released images and biographies of the game’s romance interests along with some video of the gameplay.

Harvest Moon: One World will feature ten different love interests. This means that the male and female protagonists each have five partners to choose from. There are also events to participate in, including watching polar lights. Previously announced was Kanoa, the friendly fisherman, and Malika, the animal and flower lover.

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The official community blog and a new short video have now introduced more of the love interests. Sami, a young man who has already been selected as the next leader of his village who has pet reindeer. Gabrielle is a blunt veterinarian who tends to avoid everyone except her cat. The male farmer protagonist is seen talking to her in the new video.

Tristan is a hard-working breadmaker who cares about his sister more than anything. Kirsi is an archeologist who also serves as her village’s teacher. She’s been friends with Sami since childhood. The official character biographies continue to update every few weeks.

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The new video also shows off some of the gameplay. Similar to other games in the series, players will be able to customize their characters, including choosing their names. Natsume states that players will get to choose the character’s eye color, eye tiny, and skin tones.

Farming is an essential part of the game. There are several crops to care for and grow. Players will also get to take their farm and move it into one of the areas of the world. The world also contains several animals to befriend and care for. The trailer shows the female protagonist stopping to pet a friendly red fox.

Harvest Wisps are also making a comeback. Three of the Wisps have been revealed so far to help out on the farm. When a farm grows bigger, the Whisps can help complete a wide range of tasks, but their skill level usually depends on how friendly they are with the player.

Harvest Moon: One World is part of Natsume’s new Harvest Moon series. It is not part of the Bokujo Monogatari series, which was also previously known as Harvest Moon. The series is now being localized by Marvelous Games’ XSEED as the Story of Seasons series.

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Harvest Moon: One World launches on the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on March 2, 2021. A limited collector’s edition has also been announced from Limited Run Games.